How To Get The Maximum Benefits From Fruits

How To Get The Maximum Benefits From Fruits

Fruits are an excellent addition to any healthy diet. They support your vital organs, protect against disease, improve your circulation and much more. In this article I’ll be outlining some top tips for maximizing the benefit you get from fruits.

1. Choose Organic Fruits

Organic fruits are fully natural and grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides. As a result, they have a number of advantages over non-organic fruits. First, organic fruits have a much fuller, richer, juicier flavor than non-organic fruits. Second, studies have shown that organic fruits have as much as 50% more nutrients than non-organic fruits and therefore give your health a much bigger kick. Finally, since organic fruits don’t contain any of the potentially hazardous chemicals that can be found in organic fruits, you can be sure you won’t be putting your health at risk when you consume them.

2. Eat 2-5 Portions Of Fruits Each Day

Like many healthy foods, balance is the key when it comes to eating fruits. If you eat too many, you’ll ingest excessive amounts of fructose which can then erode your teeth and damage your vital organs. If you eat too few, you won’t get enough nutrients from the fruits to unlock the health benefits they provide. Therefore, aim to eat between two and five servings of fruit every single day. Doing this will allow you to get a perfect level of health boosting nutrients from the fruits you eat without overdosing on fructose.

3. Enjoy Smoothies Occasionally

Smoothies are a great way to mix up your fruit intake and prevent boredom from setting in. The Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds that are often added to smoothies also allow you to fill up on healthy fats and protein which aren’t found in fruits. However, smoothies are high in calories and use multiple servings of fruit, so you need to consume them sparingly to avoid unwanted weight gain.

4. Vary Your Fruit Intake

Sticking to the same types of fruits each day restricts the amount of nutrients you get from these health boosting foods and this then minimizes the health benefits you can enjoy by eating fruits. By eating a wide variety of fruits, you can ensure that you consume a perfect mix of all the different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that can be found in fruits and gain full access to their health benefits.


By following the four steps above, you’ll supply your body with numerous vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and enjoy all the benefits fruits have to offer. So start implementing the tips today and give both your body and your health a boost.

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