Getting Extra Protein into the Diet

Getting Extra Protein into the Diet

Finding the right diet to improve muscle mass can be pretty confusing. With stores full of protein shakes and vitamin bottles, it can be difficult to choose the right protein source for your bodybuilding regimen.

Both doctors and nutritionists agree that combining a diet rich in natural protein sources with powders or shakes can benefit muscle growth and repair. Choosing the right amount of protein for your situation is the first step in creating an optimal diet. For most bodybuilders, 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight is the prescribed amount necessary to add mass to muscles. At the same time, that protein will be repairing damaged muscles and strengthening your bones and cartilage.

Beginning with a healthy diet that includes a variety of protein sources is the best way to design a high-protein menu. Although you will want to concentrate on building muscle, you do not want to forget to feed the rest of your body, as well. Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of any balanced diet and some of those even provide a good source of protein.

Spinach, collard greens and many other dark green vegetables contain plenty of protein. These vegetables are also heart-healthy and do not increase the level of cholesterol in your blood. A diet that begins with a base of vegetables is one that will benefit the entire body.

Milk products like cottage cheese and yogurt also contain healthy proteins. Remember that your body cannot store protein, so every day is a new day when it comes to high-protein diets.

Meat is a primary source of protein for many people. Curbing the intake of beef and increasing fish in your diet is perfect for building muscle while maintaining a healthy heart. Pork, fish, chicken and turkey provide plenty of protein without the added fat and cholesterol that beef brings to the table.

A serving of tuna or salmon provides 28 grams of protein with very little added fat. For huge muscles, lean protein is definitely a requirement. In contrast, the same serving of ground beef will provide only about 21 grams of protein.

Protein shakes are perfect for picking up extra protein without the fat as well. Protein shakes are generally made of whey protein. Whey protein comes from milk but does not have the added fat or sugar that milk contains.

Shakes can speed the muscle-building process because of their pinpoint protein accuracy. A single shake can contain 20-40 grams of protein per serving. The addition of a single shake each day can lower your fat intake and help to build muscle more quickly. The most important factor to consider when purchasing protein shakes is the source of protein. Make sure that your shake contains quality whey or Spirulina proteins rather than egg protein in order get the most benefit for your body.

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