Focus More on Health and Nutrition

Focus More on Health and Nutrition

Instead of thinking about being on a diet during the holidays, just focus on being healthier. Think about the nutrition of what you eat, and that mentality can make losing weight during this time a lot easier.

Why You Should Stop Calling it a Diet

The word “diet” is only as dangerous as you make it, but it does tend to have negative connotations. Many people associate it with being starving, restricting yourself, and eating nothing but salad and carrot sticks. Instead of doing that, think more about being healthier and eating nutrients that will improve your physical and mental health, while also losing weight in the process. You just need a different mindset in order to help you lose weight over the holidays.

Stop Counting Calories

Another thing that can help when you are focusing more on the nutrition and not on a diet is by not counting calories. You want to be educated on portion sizes and having balanced meals, but counting calories is a chore and something that gets old fast. Not to mention that it gets hard to do when you are at a party or social gathering where you really have no idea what the calories are for food and drinks. Instead of doing that, just consider the ingredients of the food or drink when deciding if it is something you should consume.

Choose From Winter Fruits, Veggies, and Grains

When deciding what to eat during the holiday season, think about what is in season during the winter. This can help you form a new connection between the holidays and healthier foods, instead of only thinking about chocolate and sweets during Christmas. For example, some fruits and vegetables that are popular and in season during this time are pears, cranberries, apples, pecans, almonds, Brussels sprouts, acorn squash, and green beans. These can all be used for some super healthy meals and side dishes, even incorporating them into your Christmas dinner.

Take the Pressure Off

When you put too much pressure on yourself to eat a certain way during special occasions and holidays, it makes it that much harder. Just be casual with it, focusing on your health and telling yourself you are simply trying to eat better. The end result usually is that you will lose weight, but you won’t feel like you tried very hard or that you did without during the process.

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