Facts About Foot Care Treatment

Facts About Foot Care Treatment

Feet. Without them, you’d have a more difficult time getting where you need to go – yet they are often the last body part that we make sure is taken care of (much less pampered). If you don’t watch out for your feet, you could end up needing foot care treatment.

Many common problems affect the feet and are easily cared for as long as you pay attention to the health warning signs your feet give you. An ingrown toenail might not seem like a big deal, but if it’s not treated, you can either lose your toenail or require surgery – and in some cases, both can happen.

Some people mistakenly think that an ingrown toenail comes from cutting the toenail too short, but it’s not quite true. An ingrown toenail is what happens when the nail punctures the skin around it, and then rather than growing up and outward like it’s supposed to, the nail continues to burrow into the skin. This causes redness, tenderness and swelling. In the case of a severe ingrown toenail, a doctor or podiatrist must be seen to take care of an infection that can develop.

Proper foot care treatment can also prevent the growth of corns or calluses. In the places of your foot where exertion is placed, you can develop a tough and thick spot. Usually this is because something is rubbing that area when you walk or run. Over time, the area of skin gets thick.

If you examine your feet and notice any small, hard white circle-shaped spots on the sole of your foot or between your toes, these can be corns. If you remove them, you’ll see that many of them leave a small (or large depending on the size) indention at the place of removal.

Another common problem with feet are bunions. Though it sounds like something elderly people deal with, the truth is that anyone can develop a bunion. It’s basically swelling around the large toe.

The swelling is caused by fluid build up, and the pressure can be quite painful. Women, more often than men, will get bunions – and one of the main causes are shoes that don’t fit well or that strain the foot in some way, such as high heels. Treatment can range from staying off your feet to taking anti-inflammatory medication to using cortisone injections.

Dry skin can be another very common problem without the right foot care treatment. This condition is usually treated easily with a cream that specializes in dry skin moisturizing. If you notice excessive dry skin on your feet despite moisturizing, this can be a symptom of diabetes and should be checked out with your doctor.

Another problem with feet and one that’s extremely painful is a bone spur. These are growths that stem from the foot bones. They can range in size – and those who have them on the bottom of the foot feel as if they’re walking on a small marble.

Bone spurs can develop on the bottom or sides of your feet, your toes, or heel of the foot. Causes are shoes that don’t fit well, carrying too much weight for your body structure, or activities such as running or jogging.

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