Exercising With a Friend

Exercising With a Friend

You have let your exercise program falter. The demands of work, taking care of the kids and home life leave you feeling exhausted and listless. You feel you do not have time to exercise or to visit with friends. Taking the time to exercise with a friend can improve your fitness level, your mood and your energy level.

Increasing Fitness with Friends

By exercising with a friend, you keep yourself accountable to your fitness commitment. Skipping a workout is not easy when you know that a friend is counting on you to meet him or her at the gym or track. Creating an exercise appointment with a friend sets a specific time and date for your workout. This appointment makes improving your fitness an obligation to you and your workout companion.

In addition to creating accountability, exercising with a friend allows you to multitask. You improve your fitness while spending time socializing. Your identity of employee, parent and partner fall away and you have time to express yourself with a trusted pal.

If you have any degree of competitiveness in your nature, working out with a friend will bring out your urge to win. As long as you keep your drive in check, you can use it to push your workouts further and farther. In addition, people usually find that workouts go by faster when they are sharing them with a buddy.

Improve Your Mood

Exercise has long been known as a way to increase personal satisfaction. People who exercise tend to improve their self image and feel better about themselves. Who doesn’t feel good when they can fit into a pair of their skinny jeans?

Research shows that people with close friends tend to be happier. Sharing thoughts and feelings helps people to feel connected to one another and to the world. Invite a pal to join you during your workouts to maximize your mood.

Improve Your Energy Level

Better fitness equals more energy. Getting the blood moving through the body with cardio and strength training exercises decreases heart rate and improves sleep. A regular exercise routine is an effective way to consistently your boost energy level. Taking a walk when you are exhausted may seem counterintuitive, but try it and see how you feel. Most people experience an immediate boost in energy. In essence, do not let low energy levels cause you to cancel a workout with a friend.

Working out with a friend is a fantastic way to keep yourself accountable to exercising and improving your fitness. Once you begin exercising consistently, you will notice an increase in energy level, self image and happiness. Call a friend today!

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