Essential Oils For Depression and Anxiety

Essential Oils For Depression and Anxiety

You may already know that lavender essential oil has an effect on depression and anxiety. What you may not know is that there are other essential oils that can help just as much. Here are a few of the essential oils, outside of lavender, that can help with ongoing depression or bouts of anxiety. The method of how to use them, when, and in what combinations is also listed.


Peppermint oil is ideal for an invigorating jumpstart to your body. This invigoration can help if your depression gives you feelings of sadness or fatigue. It can also help with postpartum depression by perking your senses up and getting you moving. If your depression and anxiety causes stomach upset, you can ingest food grade peppermint oil to help settle your stomach issues and get you back on track. Remember, most peppermint oil is used in different DIY recipes. For example, you may want to use the oil in shower cubes or in your diffuser. If you do decide to ingest it, you need to make sure it is marked as food grade and is still essential and organic. If it states flavoring on the bottle, it is not essential or organic and will not give you the same properties as true essential peppermint oil.

Orange Blossom

If you are looking for something that is calming and soothing, easy to mix with other oil scents in your diffuser, and easy to keep at a mild level throughout your home then orange blossom may be ideal. Orange blossom essential oil can help give you a calming scent that will help to reduce your anxiety and depression. This oil is ideal if you have sudden onset anxiety, such as sleep induced or thought induced anxiety issues. Put a few drops into your diffuser and sit back to inhale the scent. You will find yourself calming after a few moments so you can get your anxiety under control.


One of the triggers for depression and anxiety is being pregnant for the first time. During a pregnancy, your doctor may tell you that you can not take any form of depression or anxiety medication. You may try to go with supplements only to find you can not take them due to pregnancy related issues, or that they do not work. One thing you can do is use rose oil to help. Some mothers have found that the scent of rose oil does help them and can help when anxiety and depression when used as a inhalant or topically on the skin.


When you think of frankincense oil, you may only think of an incense that is used during the holidays. The truth is, it can be used as an oil to keep depression at bay. The oil can be used topically on your wrists and other pulse points of the body. As your pulse causes the pulse points to move slightly, they will infuse the air with the oil that is on those locations. The oil can give you an ongoing feel of serenity.

Keep in mind, you can use these essential oils for mild to moderate depression and anxiety. You can also use them for sudden onset of either issue. A good idea is to make small vials or inhalant vials of the oils that work best for you and carry them with you. This will allow you natural relief at home or on the go.

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