Dealing With Muscle Pain

Dealing With Muscle Pain

Most people have adopted a fitness routine that helps them to remain healthy and achieve their ideal body weight. After working out in a gym or engaging in home exercises, it is not uncommon to wake up with painful muscles. This makes simple activities, such as going down the stairs torturous and it is quite a kill joy. Although aching muscles are an indication that you are really pushing yourself hard while working out, they can make you feel uncomfortable and dampen your spirits. Muscle pain can prevent you from achieving your fitness goals and should be treated immediately using these simple ways described below.


You can relax and pamper those sore painful muscles with a massage. Massage the aching muscles with an analgesic cream since most of them contain menthol that helps to soothe the aches. You can also reward yourself with a deep tissue or sport massage once in a while to eliminate the soreness and pain. A massage not only relaxes the painful muscles, but also boosts the immunity of the body by stimulating proper blood flow.

Drinking water

There are many health benefits of drinking water. Drinking water regularly during exercise provides the muscles with a natural lubricant that makes them more flexible. During workouts, most people sweat a lot and this dehydrates the body, increasing the likelihood of experiencing muscle pain. It is advisable to drink more than eight glasses of water if you are working out to ease muscle pain.


Stretching before exercising will loosen up the muscles and adequately prepare the body for a workout. On the other hand, stretching after a workout helps the muscles to relax and release any contractions and this prevents pain. It is advisable to stretch for ten minutes after an exercising as this gets rid of the stiffness experienced after an intense workout. Stretching before any exercise warms up the body and prevents muscle pain and injury.

Hot bath

Nothing soothes and relaxes sore muscles like heat therapy. It can be the sauna, the whirlpool or a hot bath or shower. This heat helps to stimulate the blood flow to the muscles and this helps in repairing any small tears and minimizing the recovery time of any injuries sustained. If you experience frequent muscle pain, it is advisable to undergo heat therapy before any workout as this enhances blood flow and makes the muscles more pliable, preventing further soreness. However, heat should not be applied on injuries that look inflamed as this will raise the body temperature and aggravate the injury.


If you frequently experience sore muscles, it is a clear indication that you body is overworked and needs a break. Take some time off from the heavy workout as this will protect your muscles from serious injuries. However, during this rest period, engage in light exercises, such as walking as this helps the body to recover by supplying the muscles with the much needed oxygen.

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