Common Mistakes to Avoid with Keto Diet

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Keto Diet

There are some things that people who are new to the keto diet tend to do, without realizing how harmful they are. These bad habits keep you from being successful and can keep you from ketosis, which is when the real benefits of this new lifestyle begin. Avoid these common mistakes to have the best results from the keto diet.

Loading Up on Protein

A keto diet might be a low-carb diet, but that doesn’t mean it is the same as other low-carb diets. This is not the Atkins diet, where the majority of what you eat is meat and cheese. You actually need to monitor your protein intake in order to reach ketosis properly. If you end up eating too much protein while on the keto diet, you won’t go into ketosis because amino acids in protein can convert into glucose. Try to keep your protein to a moderate level, balancing out your meals with plenty of whole grains and vegetables.

Not Eating Enough Fat

On the other hand, people who are new to keto diets might not be accustomed to eating healthy fats. This is especially true when you started out on low-fat or low-calorie diets that try to keep your fat consumption to a minimum. You do need to eat some fats with this diet, but it is important that you know which ones to go for. You should try to stick to healthy fats, which are fats that are still nutritious for you. Nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter are great, as are avocadoes, olives, and some types of oils. Any of the omega-3 fats are also good for you and usually approved when you are on the keto diet.

Weighing Yourself Too Much

When you are on the keto diet, just like any other weight loss regimen, you might start obsessing over what you see on the scale. While many individuals will lose weight at a rapid pace when they first start the keto diet, you might end up being an exception. It is possible that you won’t lose a lot of weight in the beginning, so don’t be too worried if you lose a lot of weight the first week and none the second week, or if you don’t see immediate results. This doesn’t mean you are not reaching ketosis, but that the weight loss hasn’t quite caught up to the scale yet. Don’t let this be the reason you quiet the diet too soon.

Forgetting to Eat Your Vegetables

Since keto is a low-carb diet, many people mistaken this for Atkins. This is definitely a diet where you want to be careful about how many carbohydrates you consume each day, that doesn’t mean your entire consists of meat and cheese. You still need to consume a good amount of vegetables as these are nutritious and good for you. Some of the low-carb veggies include cauliflowers, broccoli, zucchini, and bell peppers. For fruit, you can’t go wrong with berries.

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