Choosing the Right Shave Products

Choosing the Right Shave Products

Shaving is something that most men probably do not even think about. You get out of bed in the morning, shower and shave and head off to work. Whether you use an electric razor or shave with a disposable razor, you have likely been following the same procedure since you passed puberty.

Choosing the right razor, shaving gel and other products for your skin might not have even crossed your mind. Suddenly you’re faced with razor bumps or ingrown hairs and the thought of shaving heads right to the top of your list. Picking the right products makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a great shave. There is a whole process involved in selecting your skin type and matching shaving gels to your skin. It might seem complicated, but with a little effort you will have great skin and a comfortable shave.

Razors, no matter what style you choose, can be very abrasive to your skin. If you are battling razor bumps and ingrown hairs, you are likely one of those men with sensitive skin. Your skin requires a little pampering to look its best. To begin, select a good quality razor. Whether it’s electric or disposable, quality matters in the razor-world.

Electric shavers come in wet and dry models. The wet models tend to be the easiest on sensitive skin and can be combined with shave gels for a closer shave. Disposable razors come in so many varieties that it seems impossible to choose. A disposable razor should have at least 3 or more blades to give you more value for your money, but remember that those extra blades can irritate sensitive skin.

Shaving is a process. Begin by using warm water and soap to cleanse the skin prior to shaving. This allows the skin to lose its morning puffiness and makes those hairs stand up straight. No matter which razor you choose, that pre-shave wash will help to remove debris that can clog a razor.

Sensitive skin responds well to mild soaps and shave gels formulated for this issue. Once you’ve washed, you can then apply the gel. Choose a gel that suits your skin by trying several products. There are shave oils that work well for men with extreme razor-bump issues.

Aftershave and shaving powders can help to soothe skin following a close shave. Rinse your face after shaving and apply aftershave or powder to soothe the irritation caused by razor blades or electric shavers.

Your choice of aftershave is totally up to you, but remember to pick one that is formulated for your particular skin. Sensitive skin requires a sensitive aftershave. Shaving products come in a huge variety so taking the time to pick the best product for your skin will make shaving much less of a chore.

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