Butt Exercises

Butt Exercises

Unfortunately, there’s no magic ‘Butt-B-Gone’ spray that can shape your fanny, give you a new derrière or take the place of hardcore butt exercises. If you want to lose the bulk in your trunk or just firm and tone up, you’re going to have to put some work into it, but the payoff is worth it.

After all, who wants to walk around with a saggy, baggy rear end? No one does, but if you’re not exercising that area regularly, that’s the way the landscape is going to look eventually – if not already.

Having a great looking butt also means that you can look better in whatever you wear, including the days you spend on the beach. There are plenty of exercises that you can do on your own with little or no equipment.

Or you can join a group of others and take an exercise class that focuses on toning and shaping the butt. One item that doesn’t cost much to buy is a fitness ball. This works wonders to turn that saggy bag into buns of steel.

Lie down on the floor and put the heels of your feet firmly on the top of the exercise ball. Keep your hands palm side down on the floor on either side of your body for stability. As you lift your lower body off the floor, squeeze the muscles in your butt together tightly. Release as you lower. Begin with a repetition of ten sets (especially if you’re a former couch potato) and work your way up to more repetitions.

Butt exercises will do more than just get your fanny in shape. It’ll also improve the way you see yourself. Exercising in any way boosts your endorphins which puts a spring in your step, lifts your mood and gives you a more positive outlook on reaching goals you set for yourself.

Another exercise you can do to give yourself a better looking butt is to do leg presses if you have the machine at home or have access to one at a gym. This is basically an exercise of resistance and any form of exercise where you use resistance training can firm those muscles.

You can also firm up at home if you have access to stairs. Not only is climbing stairs great for toning the muscles in your butt, but it also helps to get those thighs in top shape as well.

If you’re stuck at the office eight or more hours a day, you can get in mini exercises to firm your butt by squeezing your buttock muscles and releasing several times throughout the day. Using butt exercises regularly will quickly give you a better shape to your butt.

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