Build Muscle and Strength to Improve Your Health

Build Muscle and Strength to Improve Your Health

While many people focus on the way their body looks, you may not know that when you build muscle and strength, you also improve your health a great deal. You may associate cardio workouts with good heart health and disease prevention, but strength training is also important.

When you build muscle, you actually increase your metabolism. That means you burn more calories even when you’re at rest. If you need to lose weight, strength training can be as beneficial if not more beneficial in some cases, than cardio exercise.

As you build muscle, you’re building metabolically active tissue that will burn fat for you. That means that while you’re adding more lean muscle tissue to your body, you’re burning more fat. And this helps to lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

When you have more muscle mass, you also have more strength. That means you can more easily perform the basic activities in your life. You’ll find it’s easier to play with your kids, carry in the groceries, and even have an easier time with your housework.

When you have strong muscles, you’re also less likely to get injured. People who participate in strength training are less likely to have accidents such as falls as they get older. That means fewer injuries – especially life threatening problem such as broken hips.

And strength training also helps to increase the density of your bones. That’s especially important for women in the prevention of osteoporosis. When you train your muscles, you’ll have fewer issues with bone loss and bone breaks.

As you age, having strong muscles can also help to prevent or relieve pain from arthritis. It can also help you to control your blood sugar so that you cut your risk of diabetes. You’ll also be giving your brain protection from memory loss and depression.

When you build muscle and strength, you also can have better sleep at night. This helps your body to heal and supports a healthy immune system. And with better overall wellness comes a longer life of independence.

As you can see, when you strength train, you get much more than just a better looking physique. Strength training is an essential part of any fitness and wellness program. You’ll improve the way you look and feel, but you’ll also decrease your risk of disease and injury as you get older.

If you’re ready to build muscle and strength to improve your health, you can start by talking to a professional trainer about incorporating weight bearing exercise into your routine.

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