Best Burpee Exercises

Best Burpee Exercises

To keep fit, you don’t need all the expensive equipment found in infomercials. Miracles happen if you work for them. More calories burned off during the day than eaten is the key to making weight loss and fitness work for you. An effective and totally free way of improving your fitness is with burpee exercises.

A burpee workout is the ultimate toning, weight loss and cardiovascular exercise system. No expense needed – just a good hard exercise program to help you lose those extra pounds, tone your arms, legs and stomach muscles, and help you breathe easier by opening the lungs.

A burpee exercise is simple enough to follow. Most associate it with a traditional squat thrust, however the burpee includes a good strong jump at the end; toning the legs, strengthening the back and stomach muscles forcing good, clean air into your lungs for an all-round conditioning exercise. Various alterations can be made to the burpee workout to add extra conditioning once you learn the basic exercise.

The burpee will use your own weight as resistance for a workout that will build stamina and take care of fat loss by bumping up metabolism.

To perform a burpee, start out in a squat position, with your hands flat on the floor in front of you. Extend your feet backward, to form the body into a squat position. Immediately bring your feet to the squat position and leap up by pushing your body into the air as high as you can. The leap is made from the squat stance.

Repeat this motion, moving as quickly as you can. Keep it at a fast pace and push for the maximum height with every jump. Athletes normally perform between twelve and fifteen repetitions every 30 seconds.

For an alternate burpee workout, add a push up to the exercise. While down in the squat position, throw a pushup into the mix. Extend your body upward and thrust as hard as you can into a jumping motion. Return to squat position again and repeat the burpee exercise.

Sticking with the burpee method of motion, you will see weight burn off quickly, strength, power and endurance will be the end result. Don’t waste your money on gadgets, promises and books when a simple burpee exercise workout will give you the results you desire.

For the ultimate workout, add a weighted vest to your repetitions while doing the burpee exercise. The burpee can also be done with the addition of a dive bomber push-up to add a bit more cardio into the routine. The burpee exercise has room for additional add-ons to create the routine that works best for you. As you become fitter, you will want to challenge yourself by adding push-ups, higher jumps or the dive bomber variation. Begin with a few reps and don’t over work yourself. Build up to the more extreme workout, then add the variations to the burpee workout.

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