Benefits of Electric Shaving

Benefits of Electric Shaving

The best part about having a beard is the lack of shaving. Many men find shaving to be a chore that is both painful and time consuming. Choosing between an electric razor and a disposable razor seems like a no-brainer. Electric razors provide a quick and clean shave with much less effort and pain.

Electric razors come in a huge variety of styles, shapes and even snazzy colors. When you choose your electric razor, keep in mind that shaving with this razor is much different than shaving with a disposable razor and water. An electric razor actually has a break-in period and does not give the optimal shave until it is used several times. Most electric razors come with disposable blades or razor cartridges. Keep these on hand so that you do not run out at an inopportune moment!

Shaving with an electric razor minimizes both razor nicks and razor bumps. Beginning your day without having to deal with a bleeding face can definitely make you happy. A wet razor or disposable razor actually takes off a thin layer of skin as you shave, increasing the risk of razor bumps and bleeding. Electric razors pass over the skin and cut only the hairs. This creates a close shave without the damage.

Many men dread the pain of shaving, especially men with very sensitive skin. An electric razor can help to soothe sensitive skin during the shaving process. Electric razors are also quite cost-effective. Once you make the initial purchase, an electric razor does not need to be replaced frequently. Some even have warranties that cover the equipment for several years.

Electric razors come in rechargeable and corded shavers. The options give you the convenience of taking your razor with you when you travel without needing to access water to shave. Rechargeable razors are small and fit easily into a travel bag.

Corded razors can be more powerful, so if you aren’t worried about taking the shaver with you, they might be a better option. Rechargeable razors are great for camping trips and quick shaves before business meetings. You can even keep one in your briefcase if you need a touch-up later in the day. Since some men actually shave twice daily, an electric shaver is very convenient and easy on the face!

Both electric and disposable razors can work with wet shave gels. Make sure that the shaver you purchase has the ability to withstand exposure to water before trying a wet shave. Gels and lotions are excellent for making the electric shave just as close as a manual shaver. The results of both shaves are very similar, so much of the choice between electric and disposable shavers is a matter of opinion.

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