The Benefits Of Building Muscle

The Benefits Of Building Muscle And Muscle Building Guides plus more!

On the surface, the benefits of building muscle seem pretty obvious. However, increasing your muscle mass does a lot more than boosting your strength and improving your physique. In this article I’ll be providing you with a full overview of how building up your muscles can benefit you.

1) Increased Muscular Strength

As already mentioned, one of the most obvious benefits of building muscle is that youbecome stronger. This increased muscle strength has many benefits in your day to day life and makes sports and any tasks that involve pushing or lifting much easier.

2) Improved Appearance

Muscle is much more aesthetically pleasing than fat and gives your body a tighter, leaner, more athletic appearance. As a result, you’ll feel much happier in your own skin and have a lot more self-confidence if you pack on some muscle.

3) Reduced Body Fat Levels

Muscle cells burn three times more calories than fat cells and so by increasing your muscle mass, you can burn additional calories and reduce your overall body fat percentage. Therefore, even if reducing your body fat levels is your main fitness goal, you should still make room for muscle building exercises in your fitness routine.

4) Stronger Bones

As well as strengthening your muscles, weightlifting also strengthens your bones. This makes them less susceptible to fractures and breaks and also reduces your risk of osteoporosis (reduced bone mineral density).

5) Fewer Physical Injuries

One of the many functions of muscle is to protect your joints and tendons. Therefore, by increasing your overall muscle mass, you’re less to suffer from common physical injuries such as sprained ankles, muscle tears and more.

6) Improved Overall Health

Studies have shown that weightlifting has a positive effect on your heart and reduces your risk of heart disease. It also helps to regulate blood pressure which is a common risk factor for heart disease and damages your blood vessels and vital organs. In addition to this, regular weightlifting has been shown to protect against arthritis, depression and diabetes and also keep your brain, eyes and kidneys healthy.


As you can see, even if building muscle isn’t one of your main fitness goals, it’s still something you should consider. By doing some weightlifting each week, you can protect against injury, burn body fat, improve your overall health and much more. So if you’re not doing so already, add some muscle building exercises to your workouts and start enjoying all these fantastic benefits today.

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