Avoiding Razor Burn

Avoiding Razor Burn

Razor burn is a problem that most men could definitely live without. Since shaving is a necessary evil, it seems like there is no way to get around those occasional razor bumps and burns. There are some simple steps that can be taken to avoid razor bumps and the pain associated with them.

The first step is generally a big change in shaving habits. Hurrying through your shave and choosing the wrong shaving equipment can cause damage to your skin. Changing some of your shaving habits will eliminate the burning face and unsightly bumps that you dread. Begin by slowing down. Shaving takes some time, so you might have to set the alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier to get the best shave.

Having the time to complete a good shave without rushing is the number one way to save your face. Add one task before you begin shaving, exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin with a good lotion or even soap and water will take off the dead skin that clogs a razor. Since disposable razors remove a little bit of skin during a shave, exfoliating will minimize the damage.

Lubrication is the second most important step in getting rid of razor burn problems. Proper lubrication, no matter how you shave, will keep the razor moving over your face without snagging. Choose shaving gel, lotion or cream that suits your skin. If you have to, spend an hour with a dermatologist to see what type of skin you have.

Oily skin responds to certain creams better than dry skin. If you know your skin type, you will be able to pick the right lotion or cream for your shaving habits. If all else fails, at least keep your face wet while you shave. Wet skin doesn’t burn as easily as dry skin.

Sharp razors are equally important when it comes to avoiding razor burn. A dull razor actually has pits in the surface of the blade. These pits cause the razor to bump over your face rather than traveling smoothly. The sharper the razor, the less skin damage it causes. Sharpen your blade if you use a straight razor. Change cartridges frequently with electric razors and throw away the old disposable razor. Keeping the sharpest blade possible is perfect for soothing skin that doesn’t appreciate those little bumps and pits.

Use aftershave cream or lotions. These are specially formulated to improve the appearance of your skin following a shave. Since so much effort has gone into designing these lotions, it’s probably time to start using them. As an added bonus, most of them smell really nice. Aftershave that contains aloe or lanolin will give you healthier skin even if you aren’t shaving every day.

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