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The Best Acne Treatments And Products To Help You Keep Your Skin Healthy!

When you have a disease like acne, searching for a cure can become an obsession. Because untreated acne can lead to scarring of the skin, many people are desperate to find a way to control their acne problems. There are a large number of treatments available for people suffering with acne, especially when the acne affects the facial area.

The first stage in treating visible pustules or pimples is generally accomplished in a topical way. You are encouraged to wash your face and hair regularly. Anti-bacterial soap is an excellent choice for face washing because the soap actually helps to kill the cause of your acne. The problem with anti-bacterial soap is that it does tend to dry your skin. Moisturizing with a very light moisturizer which is not oil-based will help with the dryness.

You should always avoid touching or picking at the skin, especially on your face, because this can cause scarring. Once you have gotten used to this routine, you can begin using over-the-counter topical medications that contain Resorcinol and sulfur. These creams and ointments can aid in healing your skin and keeping pores unclogged.

If frequent washing and over-the-counter medications are not helping to treat your acne problems, there are further steps that can be taken. Oral and topical antibiotics are sometimes prescribed by dermatologists to treat acne. If the skin becomes inflamed or infected, these medications can help to relieve the infection. This does not always help treat the underlying condition and often the acne continues to be a problem.

There are other medications which are prescribed to actually peel the skin. This drying and irritating of the skin does help to remove the dead cells and bacteria from the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, red skin and blistering are not uncommon side effects. Drugs such as Retin-A and Accutane and birth control pills are also prescribed for severe acne problems. These drugs offer some relief but also have many side effects.

Once you’ve reached the limits of Western medicine, there are some interesting alternative therapies available to acne sufferers. These therapies include Chinese herbal medications which combine many herbs to create a balance or change in the energy of the body. This change is thought to heal your skin from the inside of your body rather than by using external medications.

Often herbal supplements are taken in large quantities for a period of time prescribed by the physician. The interesting thing about Chinese herbal treatment is that the treatment is tailored for each specific person rather than for the disease itself. This means that your particular herbal prescription might be completely unique.

As with most diseases, not every treatment is effective for every person. You might want to consider trying a combination of treatments to see results in your particular situation. In most cases, acne treatment is not a simple process and takes dedication from both the patient and the physician.

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