Acne Skin Care

Acne Skin Care

Suffering from acne can cause so much embarrassment that many people would rather not discuss their condition. Because of this issue, good advice for acne sufferers is sometimes difficult to find. Visiting a dermatologist is not the only answer to caring for skin to minimize acne and scarring.

The easiest way to begin your skin care regimen is by learning to wash your face correctly. This includes purchasing a product or face wash which contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These products can help to eliminate surface bacteria and unclog pores quickly. Both ingredients are helpful at eliminating the redness associated with acne pustules as well.

The drying action of the face washes does tend to cause some peeling of the surface layers of skin. This can be countered by adding a light moisturizer to your skin care routine. Choose a moisturizer which is water-based only.

Washing your face should begin with warm water and a clean wash cloth. Pour a small amount of facial scrub onto your wash cloth and use small gentle circles to remove all make up and debris from your skin. Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water and then pat gently to dry. Try not to rub the towel against your face roughly. Any added abrasions on the skin can actually cause your skin to create more oils. These oils can lead to an increase in pustules rather than a decrease, making washing your face a hazard to your skin.

If washing with over-the-counter medicated lotions is not helping your condition, you may have acne which is caused by fluctuations in your hormones. This type of acne is more difficult to treat but does begin with the use of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid lotions. In the case of hormonal acne, many dermatologists also recommend topical vitamin A or prescription topical creams. These include Retin-A and antibiotic ointments applied to the affected areas.

Eating well is another way to help control your acne. Fresh fruits and vegetable provide nutrients which keep your skin healthy and help to eliminate scarring. Berries are considered one of the most important fruits for healthy skin. They contain antioxidants which are thought to protect and regenerate skin cells quickly.

Avoiding foods that can cause fluctuations in your hormones will also help with your skin problems. Acne thrives on hormonal imbalances and these imbalances are often caused by eating certain foods. Avoiding refined sugar, processed or bleached flour and any foods that are fried can certainly help keep your skin clear and supple by eliminating big changes in your insulin levels.

The lack of specific vitamins can also increase your acne problems. Vitamin A and vitamin E are very important for your skin’s overall health. Taking these vitamin supplements might actually help to restore the cells in your skin and aid in the reduction of redness and pustules caused by acne.

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