5 Tips For A Flat Stomach

5 Tips For A Flat Stomach

Let’s face it – having a flat stomach is something that many people around the world desire. It makes fitting into that tank top or beautiful dress easier and less straining and enables you to flaunt an attractive figure at the beach. Although many men and women struggle to have a flat tummy and abs that are to die for, the good news is that it can be done. It just requires a bit of determination, the willingness to burn calories and the ability to follow a healthy diet. Striking the right balance between exercise and diet can be done by putting into practice these five top tips for a flat stomach.

Tip 1 – Be Active During the Day

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of belly fat is to stay active during the day and burn as many calories as possible. You can do this easily by applying a few tricks to your daily routine. These include avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs, parking your car a few blocks awayfrom your destination and walking the rest of the way or getting off one stop early when using public transport and walking the remainder of the distance. You can also incorporate bodyweight exercises into your routine while at home and do a few reps of burpees, jumping jacks or squats anytime you have a few minutes to spare.

Tip 2 – Focus On Keeping Your Abs Tight

Another great way to flatten the stomach is to focus on keeping your abs tight at all times whether you’re exercising, driving to work or going about your day-to-day activities. By doing this, your abs will naturally tone and tighten over time. At first, you’ll need to focus on keeping your abs tight using isometric contractions which involve pulling the abs in and holding for few seconds before releasing. However, after you’ve been performing isometric contractions for a while, you’ll find that you don’t even need to think about it and you’ll naturally keep your abs tight throughout the day.

Tip 3 – Eat Clean

If you want tight and toned abs, you need to be eating clean. This involves drinking plenty of water and making sure that 80% of the foods you consume are fresh, natural and nutrient rich. Good choices include fresh fruits, fish, meats, nuts, vegetables and seeds. Junk foods such as cakes, candies, chips and pizza should be eaten in moderation and make up no more than 20% of your intake.

Tip 4 – Mix Up Your Workouts

Sticking to the same routine week after week can get boring. Once you start to get bored with your workouts, you’ll have less enthusiasm, put less effort into your routines and the results you get from them will suffer. It can also cause you to avoid certain types of exercise that are essential if you want a flat stomach.

For the best results, make sure your weekly workouts involve a combination of cardio exercises, strength training exercises that target all the muscles in your body and specific ab toning exercises. This will help blast through any fat on your belly, tighten and flatten your ab muscles and give you a balanced, well-toned physique. Also, make sure you change the specific exercises you perform during each workout regularly to keep them fresh, exciting and interesting.

Tip 5 – Get Plenty of Rest

When you’re aiming to get a flat stomach, a good night’s sleep is extremely important as it rejuvenates your body and allows muscles and joints to recuperate after being exercised. Without proper sleep, the stomach muscles will not be able to repair themselves and this will have a negative effect on your future workout performance. Failing to get adequate amounts of sleep also slows down the rate at which your body burns fat and makes eliminating fat from your midsection very difficult. Therefore, make sure you’re getting at least six hours of high quality sleep every single night.


If you’re just starting out on your belly flattening journey, make sure you implement these five tips. They’ll create the solid foundation you need for long lasting, lean, toned abs.

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