5 Health Benefits Of White Tea

5 Health Benefits Of White Tea

White tea has a floral, fruity, slightly vegetal taste. It’s also packed full of health boosting nutrients. This article will take a deeper look at five of the main benefits of white tea.


Benefit 1 – Antioxidant Protection


When your body performs reactions with oxygen, harmful by-products called free radicals get released. These free radicals damage your body’s cells and vital organs, accelerate the aging process and increase your risk for various chronic diseases. Antioxidants are powerful compounds that fight free radicals and neutralize the damage they cause.


Black tea, green tea and white tea are all fantastic sources of the antioxidant nutrients flavan-3-ols. However, white tea has the highest concentration of these flavan-3-ols and is therefore the most potent tea when it comes to antioxidant content.


Benefit 2 – Healthy Skin


As mentioned above, when free radicals build up in your body, they accelerate the rate at which it ages. This results in your skin becoming dull, lifeless and wrinkled. By drinking white tea, you can prevent free radicals from accumulating in your body and ensure that your skin remains bright, clear and healthy.


Benefit 3 – Reduced Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is an unpleasant disorder which can lead to heart disease, strokes and more. The good news is that the flavan-3-ols in white tea can help lower your blood pressure in two main ways. First, they relax your blood vessels which eases the flow of blood in your body and keeps your blood pressure low. Second, they protect against atherosclerosis – a condition where your artery walls harden, lose their elasticity, restrict blood flow and increase your blood pressure.


Benefit 4 – Reduced Cancer Risk


White tea is a highly effective cancer fighter. The antioxidant properties of the flavan-3-ols in white tea prevent free radical damage which can ultimately lead to the development of cancer. In addition to this, these health boosting nutrients combat cancer directly and have been shown to protect against brain cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer.


Benefit 5 – Strong Immune System


Another fantastic benefit of white tea is that it strengthens your immune system. It does this by helping your body produce disease fighting cells which then keep diseases, foreign bodies and infections at bay.




I hope this article’s helped you learn exactly why you should be filling up on white tea. For the best results, ensure that you drink 2-8 cups of this healthy, hot drink each day and reap the rewards.

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