4 Healthy Foods To Try At A Cookout

4 Healthy Food To Try At A Cookout

Healthy eating and cookouts are not two things that you’d usually put together.However, just because many people choose to cook unhealthy foods at a cookout, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy. Healthy foods taste great when cooked on a grill and by doing this you can enjoy the social experience of a cookout, without the foods you eat having a negative impact on your waistline. In this article, I am going to be expanding on this topic and list four healthy foods you can try at your next cookout.


1) Chicken Breast (4 oz./113g)


Chicken is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. A small 4 oz. chicken breast contains just 187 calories which is over 100 calories less than a regular hamburger. In addition to this, it’s an excellent source of muscle building protein and is also loaded with plenty of other health boosting nutrients.

Key Nutrients InChicken Breast:


Protein:- A 4oz. chicken breast provides you with an impressive 35g of protein. Protein’s main role is to help build, maintain and repair your body’s cells. However, it also keeps your immune system healthy, helps your blood to clot and more.


B Vitamins:-Chicken breasts also contain large amounts of B vitamins, particularly vitamin B3 and vitamin B6. These vital vitamins help your body break down the nutrients in your food for energy and also support good cellular health.


Selenium:-Selenium is another nutrient that can be found in large quantities in chicken breasts. It protects your body from dangerous free radicals, boosts your immune system and much more.


2) Beef Fillet Steak (4 oz./113g)


Beef fillet steak is another tasty alternative to regular hamburgers with a 4oz. beef fillet steak containing a surprisingly minimal 218 calories. By swapping your hamburger for a beef fillet steak you also get plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals that are not usually present in processed hamburgers.


Key Nutrients InBeef Fillet Steak:


Protein:- Like chicken, beef is a brilliant source of protein with one 4 oz. beef fillet steak containing an impressive 32g of this muscle building nutrient.


Saturated Fat:- Beef fillet steak is also a fantastic source of saturated fat. Despite what you may have heard, saturated fat is actually an essential nutrient which can lower your heart disease risk, strengthen your bones, enhance the health of your vital organs and more.


Zinc:- Zinc is another health boosting nutrient that can be found in high quantities in beef fillet steak. It can boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, reduce stress and more.



3) Salmon Steak (4 oz./113g)


Salmon is a tasty, nutritious fish that’s loaded with healthy fats, protein and a range of essential nutrients. If you’re not a big meat eater, it’s a great alternative food to try at cookouts and at just 244 calories per 4 oz. salmon steak, it’s also perfect choice if you’re trying to lose weight.


Key Nutrients In Salmon Steak:


Protein:- Salmon is yet another food that contains generous amounts of protein with each 4 oz. salmon steak packing 31g of this natural nutrient.


Monounsaturated Fat:- Salmon steaks are one of the best natural sources of monounsaturated fat around. This healthy fat can boost your blood, protect against painful inflammation, help you lose weight and more.


Polyunsaturated Fat:-Polyunsaturated fat is another healthy fat which can be found in high amounts in salmon steaks. It has numeroushealth benefits which include strengthening your bones, keeping your skin healthy and protecting against disease.


4) Sweet Potatoes (4 oz./113g)

Sweet potatoes are a tastier, healthieralternative to regular potatoes that contain just 100 calories per 4 oz. serving. They’re probably not the first thing you think of grilling at a cookout but if you slice them up, add a little olive oil and skewer them, they’re a surprisingly simple addition. Sweet potatoes also pack plenty of healthy nutrients and eating them is a great way to stay slim while attending cookouts.


Key Nutrients In Sweet Potato:


Vitamin A:-Like many orange fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes are a very good source of vitamin A. Its main role is to keep your vision healthy but it also supports healthy growth, keeps your eyes and skin healthy and more.


Vitamin C:-Sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of vitamin C. This highly beneficial vitamin helps your body produce the connective tissue collagen, keeps your vital organs healthy, supports your immune system and more.


Manganese:-Manganese is a lesser known essential nutrient which can be found in high quantities in sweet potatoes. Its main function is to help your body activate enzymes and utilize key nutrients but it also keeps your blood healthy, boosts your nervous system and more.




I hope you enjoyed these four healthy food suggestions. When you put your mind to it, there are plenty of healthy, nutrient packed foods you can grill at a cookout and the suggestions in this article are just scratching the surface. So get your thinking cap on, think of all the possible healthy foods you can cook on a grill and get experimenting.


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