3 Classic Bodyweight Tabata Moves

3 Classic Bodyweight Tabata Moves

Have you found your favorite high intensity interval training workouts? HIIT workouts are great for giving yourself a metabolic tune up that leads to a heap of fat loss and fast results, but which ones should you do? Tabata offers a wide range of awesome moves that get you on the right path to losing weight and having more energy, but it takes time to perfect a good routine. This article has been compiled to save you some time in your search for the 5 Classic Tabata Moves.

Lunge Jump

Here is a great start to your Tabata sessions. They best way to perform this move, is to stand with the insides of your feet touching and lunge your right foot forward. For the most effective lunge, you will want to dip low enough so that your knee ends up bent into a 90-degree angle. It’s important to remember to keep your body right through this exercise, so that you can jump up without leaning to the left or right. Before you land from the jump be sure to switch feet so that you land into the position of a lunge with the left foot forward.

Basic Squat

Squats are a good way to boost your core power and help your body to burn more calories. For this simple squat, start in a standing position. Arrange your feet so that they line up with your hips. Stick your arms straight out and cross them genie style. You want to keep your arms out of the way so you don’t have the urge to place them or brace them against your legs, which will defeat the purpose of this exercise. The goal is to bend down until your thighs are evenly parallel

With the ground. Back your glutes up as if you were about to sit on a deep couch.

Traditional Lunge

Lunges are always a good exercise for your glutes and hamstrings. To begin this exercise, stand with your feet ant hip width. Step forward with your right leg and keep your foot flat and parallel as it travels to where it will land and try to make sure that the heel of your foot lands first. Drop your body downward. Your right thigh should line up with the ground in a parallel fashion. Use your right heel to help you to push you back up and switch to the left side.

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