Balance Disc Trainers to Fortify Your Core

Balance Disc Trainers to Fortify Your Core

When you think of the aspects of a body that make up a good summer ready look, a few things come to mind. Of course people want to be thinner, but one of the most iconic parts of the look is having six pack abs.

Everyone wants to have abs come summertime, because it’s just the most popular ideal look. One piece of home gym equipment to help you get that toned torso look is the balance disc.

Balance disks are small, inflatable disks that you can pump up to different levels which will vary the difficulty of the balance. They help you by changing up exercises in such a way that you have to put more effort into staying stable and balanced, which will force you to engage your core a lot more, and will give you a great workout in your abs.

There are many different exercises you can incorporate these into. For example, one popular use is yoga. People will use these in certain yoga poses to make it more difficult to balance, which of course forces them to use their core a lot more.

This is very useful if you’re already experienced in doing yoga, but want to add a bit more challenge to it if it’s starting to feel too easy.Others have incorporated these into more common workouts.

For example, people will use these balance disks to make pushups a lot harder. Instead of placing your hands on the ground, you’d place your hands on two balance disks, meaning you lack an entirely stable surface to put your hands on.

This not only forces you to use your core a lot more, but it also works out more parts of your upper body that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with a conventional workout. There are many different kinds of balance disks available.

One of the most common kinds is an all-inflatable circular disk, usually a little more than a foot in diameter. These come in all different colors, and usually include pumps and some kind of small workout guide. They also often have textured sides for better grip on the surface. Another kind of balance disk you’ll find is one with a hard, flat surface on one side, and an inflatable half on the other. The inflatable half almost looks like a third of an exercise ball, and does the same kind of thing as the other balance disks, just slightly more stable

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